Statistical & Financial Consulting by Stanford PhD
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If you need a consultation on the hourly basis, send me a tentative list of topics. I will then give you the hourly rate. Typically, a consulting session lasts at least 2 hours. Unless urgency is involved, the rate is $80 per hour for standard projects ( regression, ANOVA, panel data, survey design, non-parametric tests ) and more for "high tech" material ( data mining, cluster analysis, multivariate time series, hidden Markov models, Markov Chain Monte Carlo, Bayesian statistics, structural equation modeling, GWAS, spatial statistics, SAS functionality, trading strategies / statistical arbitrage, exotic asset pricing, market risk management ).

If you need me to do a project for you, send me a 2-3 paragraph description. If the project requires empirical analysis, send me a sample of the data so that I could see the format. I will then give you a flat price for producing a detailed solution, including conclusions as a Word doc + instructions on how to replicate my work.

If we meet, you can pay in cash, by check or via PayPal. If we do not have to meet, you are to pay via PayPal before any work is done. Under special circumstances, checks and bank transfers are acceptable.

Please read the detailed description of the services offered in the areas of statistical consulting and financial consulting: home page, types of service, experience and case studies. You may also find the following pages useful: statistics resources, finance resources and statistical software.